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You Can Help! Upcoming Modesty Seminar

As I mentioned in our YouTube video about our upcoming modesty seminar, WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

As a part of the seminar, God has impressed me to have some of you (males and females, all age groups) share some of your thoughts on modesty! I especially need help from the men!!

By Wednesday, March 2nd, may you please email us at: hemofhisgarmentministries@gmail.com, a short (30 seconds or less) video clip of you answering one or more of these questions?  (YOU PICK!) If the clip is a little longer, it’s ok, just try to keep it under a minute at most please per question that you answer! I may edit some ?

If you can’t record, you can answer in a comment below!  And you can record from a phone or webcam – the quality doesn’t have to be superb if you don’t have the equipment for that!

Some of these questions are gender specified — questions for the gentlemen and questions for the ladies – so look out for that too! ?

If you have a thought to share that doesn’t necessarily answer any of these questions, feel free to share! Answers from all age groups is greatly appreciated. PLEASE SHARE this with others who also appreciate dressing and behaving modestly!  Thank you so much!  It will be a GREAT blessing as a part of this seminar, for we know that our personal testimonies have a great impact on the lives of others!  God bless ?

General Questions (for Males & Females):

1. Why do you think modesty is beautiful and important in the church and in our world today?

2. Do you think that men and women can dress modestly while still dressing up-to date/ modernly and “attractively”?  How?

3. What do you think is the deeper message behind dressing modestly?

4. What is your personal testimony about dressing modestly? Why did you start dressing modestly? How has it helped you as a Christian and in your personal walk with God? What are the blessings that you’ve noticed from it?

Gender Specified Questions:

For the Gentlemen:

1.  What do you wish women knew/understood about how the way they dress and carry themselves affect (1) your walk as a young man striving to honor God in his mind and body and (2) striving to view their sisters in a respectful and pure way?

2. What do you wish women (and men) knew about their value in the eyes of God and true godly men? Relate this to modest dress and behavior.

3. Do you think that women who dress modestly are NOT attractive?  What do you think of “men” who don’t like when women dress modestly?

4.  As a man seeking to love, serve and honor God, and who seeks to marry the woman God has for him one day,  what do you think is the most important and beautiful thing about a woman?  Is it her physical appearance, or is it primarily something else?  What is that?  How would you want your wife and daughters to dress?

5. Can men dress and behave modestly too? How? Do you have a personal testimony relating to this? Please share if you do!

For the Ladies:

1. As women, how can we start to get rid of the mentality that showing off our bodies will help us to be more “liked” and “loved” by “men”? How can we get rid of the mentality that our worth is in how we look on the outside?

2. What were some of your personal struggles with dressing modestly, and why do you think that was (in relation to you being a woman)?  How did God help you to overcome that?

3. Can men dress modestly? Should they? What do you wish men knew/understood about how the way they dress and behave affects you as a woman striving to honor God in her body and mind?

3. ***Share pics of some of your favorite modest outfits! They can be of you, your friends, or random people online (LOL)! They can be modest outfits for all different types of occasions!  This is to help inspire our sisters especially! :)***


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