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“Spring Cleaning” : Recent Events, Future Plans, Updates & A Challenge

Ok! So it’s definitely that time of year again………spring cleaning!

Wow.  It’s the first day of spring you all!! Look at that; total coincidence! 🙂

There’s something about the bare trees starting to bud again, the flowers starting to bloom and the grass regaining its vibrant green, that makes us want to clean and refresh not only our homes, but our hearts and lives!…well…at least I know it makes me want to! 😉

I guess the spring cleaning sentiment matches what is taking place in nature around us – “out with the dead, and in with the new!” The newness of life!  And as in the natural, so in the spiritual!  That’s definitely been taking place in my personal life and also with thoughts for the ministry.

Lately, when it comes to the ministry, it seems that so much has been going on (with in person ministry), yet so little at the same time (with online ministry)! In the “spirit” of spring cleaning, I want to update you all with the old, so that we can go forward, nice and fresh with the new! ? Check it all out below!


*Note: God has been opening many doors for Hem of His Garment Ministries, and my family’s ministry to do more personal ministry! If you’ve been keeping up with us on our different social media platforms, you know a bit of what I’m talking about :-). By being involved with these other forms of ministry, I haven’t had much time for the YouTube channel and the plans I had for that, but I am learning to let God lead and show me His plans — one day at a time :-).  If you ever want to know where we are and what we are up to, you can check out our ministry schedule!  So, time for the updates!….


From January 29th – February 8th, My sister and I had the wonderful privilege of going to the San Fransisco/Bay Area with a group of young people, to share the gospel through literature before and during the time of the Superbowl!  Our team met our goal of handing out 1 million “GLOW tracts” in the area, filled with precious messages of salvation – redemption and restoration – through Jesus Christ! These tracts are filled with messages from addressing where God is when we are hurting, and how to break addictions, to what happens when loved ones pass away and how to prevent the most common killer disease in America! Many people were touched by the practical gospel shared with them!  If you want to see testimony videos from the trip you can check them out on the GLOW Facebook page and take a look at the videos from the 1millionGLOW trip in San Fransisco!  You can also visit the GLOW website to find out more about the tracts, what they say, and how you can share them with others too!  God truly blessed and I got to experience many divine appointments with souls, simply from handing them a little pamphlet! God is so good! ? I wanted to do a whole video on the experience there, but just haven’t gotten the time to do so, so I hope that you can get a peek into the blessings at the shared resources above :).


cover main jpeg.001

God opened a big door and I was invited to do a 3-part seminar on modesty at the Warren Seventh-day Adventist church in Warren, MI March 4-5!. It was called “Cover with His Life” and The Lord really blessed!  My family’s music ministry also did the special music throughout the seminar, so it was such a blessing for us to all do ministry together abroad!  I plan to share what I shared there on the YouTube channel in a modesty series called…..you guess it – “Cover with His Life”! ?  I will incorporate my personal testimony with learning about and changing to dressing modestly, as well as WHY God calls us to do so, and HOW we can dress modestly and still modernly and in a nice way in today’s world!  I’m waiting to hear back about the recordings of the seminar so I can share with you all how you can have access to view it as well, so keep an eye and ear out for that ?. The three seminars were titled “Naked Hearts”, “Dressed to Impress” and “Put on thy Beautiful Garments”. I look forward to sharing these messages with you in the near future!


Our music ministry, “Echoes of Truth”, just did our first music concert – a testimonial concert as a matter of fact! You can check it out here! I plan to share more with you all about our music ministry in the near future 🙂 Earlier that day, my sister Cheyna and I also preached together about the topic of evangelism! We have been kept very busy lately, but with good things! God has been blessing :-).



So, our next stop is Oklahoma! I know – we’ve been traveling A LOT lately! God is so good how He allows us to have these opportunities :).  There is this amazing ministry called “Restoration International” that I had learned about maybe a few years ago, and ever since, I have been so blessed by it.  This ministry is focused on helping marriages and families to be restored by teaching how to bring Jesus practically into the home life and its relationships. They have these family camp meetings/retreats every year all around the nation, and even in other parts of the world, and I always thought it would be so nice to go, but those doors just didn’t open in the past.  But this year, I really felt a burden on my heart to go – especially with some big changes taking place in my family this year that were kind of hard, and I believed that what we could learn there could be a huge blessing to my family and me.  Brother and Sister Waters (speakers with the ministry) came and spoke at a local church of mine for a mini series, and my family and I were so blessed by what The Lord shared through them. I knew that the camp meetings must be a huge blessing if their short time with us proved to be such a blessing! I blogged about what they shared here – check it out when you can; I believe it will be a huge blessing! Wow…lots of “blessings” in those past few sentences – what can I say? The ministry truly is a … “blessing”!  >_<

The Lord very providentially showed that I was to go, and so my sister Cheyna and I will be going together! Unfortunately the whole family can’t make it, but we pray to bring back great tidings of joy and hope and help for our home :).  We will also be going a week earlier to be a part of an evangelistic program with other young people on fire for spreading the gospel – canvassing! We are so excited! Please keep us in prayer – we begin our travels tomorrow, and the program runs from the 22nd to the 30th.


 Ministry Updates & Plans

Ok. So I’ve been thinking a lot about Hem of His Garment and what God would have in store for it!  The main thing I believe The Lord has been placing on my mind is consistency, simplicity and transparency.  I want to get back to regular posts, whether via YouTube, Blogging or even Facebook!  But I have to organize some things first – or let God show me how to ;-).

#1. Finishing the Website/New Website – There is still some work to do on here, and I want to complete what God put on my heart to begin! I’m grateful for the promise we have in Philippians 1:6, that God will finish what He has begun in us, as we yield to Him by faith!  Incompleteness is something becoming more and more “horrid” to me in my life. Like, seriously. I’m at a place in life where I want to fully complete and execute the tasks that God has given me, starting with the “littlest” ones.  We must be faithful with the little, if we expect to be granted much!

#2. Good-bye “Schedule”! – You might remember, that this past September I shared a blogpost about the ministry’s new full-time schedule.  Each day there was a plan for a specific post to be shared on that specific day. Monday was for motivation & modesty, Tuesday was for tasty recipes and health tips, Wednesday was for DIY/shop related things, etc., etc.  Very quickly I realized that, that wouldn’t work! On Wednesday, The Lord would teach me a sweet lesson that I wanted to share with everyone, but because it was Wednesday, it was “DIY” day, according to the “schedule” I wasn’t supposed to yet. As you can see, the schedule was just too rigid! Trial and error, eh? Yeah. ;-).  So I’m back to posting as able and as God leads – letting go of my rigid plans and letting God make the way  :-).

#3. Good-bye Instagram (For now)! – Ok I think I’ve gone through this with Instagram before in the past, but as I pray about ministry plans and my personal spiritual walk and growth, I’ve been led to believe that sticking to more frequent blogposts and Facebook posts for the ministry would be best! I definitely want to develop the website more and I think this is a great step toward that as I sometimes end up devoting more time to Instagram posts as they are quick, when deep down I want to post more and deeper content than can be posted here. And I don’t want to be too scattered! Simple and consistent is the aim ?.  Sooooo yeah! Lol subscribe to this blog and like us on FB for more to come in the future! God bless you all! In the future I plan to use Instagram again for the ministry, but in a more focused way, and also for the shop if God leads in that direction for it to be up and running again! See you at the blog and on Facebook! ?

#4. Video, Blog & FB Posting – There are so many things that I like sharing, but I can’t always share them all. I’m no superwoman, lol. I’m praying about a new focus and direction for the ministry.  I know that Bible Study has the top slot for sure, and I am excited about that! Also, overall godly womanhood and how we can find wholeness through faith as daughters of God. :-).

#5. Catching Up with Emails & Requests – Just that. Playing the catch up game :-). Sorry to those who have written me weeks or months ago and still haven’t gotten a full response. *yikes* :’-(. Sorry!!!


Personal Plans for Growth

#1. Get rid of STUFF – My family and I are in a pretty… “interesting”, living arrangement right now, to say the least!  We are looking to move soon, and let’s just say that packed boxes are everywhere, and the living room is my bedroom ^_^.  So yeah…God has been truly humbling us and building our characters :-). And this temporary, tight arrangement has helped us to see our need to get rid of more stuff! Oh how I long for minimalism and super simple living! We are surely getting there bit by bit!  We look forward to going to our new home, much lighter and more focused on our mission instead of all of our stuff!

Over the years I had gotten rid of lots of things, and clothes has been at the top of the list!   Though I never thought I was one of those people who have tons and tons of clothes, I definitely used to have a lot and I realized a long time ago that I really did not need that much! I have really been into the idea of “capsule wardrobes” lately! I had kind of been doing that unknowingly for some years (having certain clothes for certain seasons), but now I want to have a much smaller amount of clothing items per season.  I do not need so much variety. I need my mind stayed on Christ and those things which are most important like my walk with Him and helping others to find salvation in Him.  So that’s something I have been working on – making capsule wardrobes and getting rid of even more clothing! I had gotten rid of  a lot in the past, but I want to super simplify everything (while still being practical of course ;-))  You can look up “capsule wardrobes” on YouTube and google! If you’re on a simplifying life journey like myself, I think you will find what you find to be quite amusing ^_^.

And of course I’m getting rid of other “stuff” too – papers, cards…the things I don’t need to keep holding on to, but can simply keep the memories of in my heart ;-).

#2. Set few solid, attainable personal goals – some of these include “womanhood” goals like learning some gardening, cooking, and other homemaking skills ^_^.  And I need to give myself set times to accomplish these things in as well so that I am more likely to accomplish them! I say “few” because I want to be reasonable and practical – starting small, then building as The Lord enables and blesses!

#3. Set few, solid attainable business goals – working my way up little by little. These include raising funds to launch the shop website and to obtain adobe apps (photoshop, illustrator) and also taking certain courses and completing and official business plan to equip me to do this work for God!  Due to my current living arrangement,  I can’t go forward with the business in certain ways, which is a blessing in disguise – or maybe it’s actually rather plain.  I have the time to do more research and build a good foundation and plan!  Also aiming to set specific dates to meet these goals by as well!

#4. Set few, solid spiritual goals – I may share more of those at another time, but, yeah! Setting goals like stated above, but this time for more of the spiritual aspect of my life (bible study, scripture memorization, evangelism/outreach, church involvement, etc.!)

#5. Take inventory of my spiritual, physical, mental/emotional & social life regularly, and declutter and refresh! – remembering to regularly take inventory and “clean” so that I don’t have to wait until physical, mental and spiritual “junk” builds up in my life to do a massive and overwhelming “spring cleaning” at one time, but rather, come to Jesus each day, that He might cleanse and renew me daily!


Take inventory of your lives, and see where The Lord wants to help you to clean up and start fresh and revived with newness of life in Christ!  Then yield to Him in faith and let Him finish His precious work in you! Let’s live more simple, humble lives in Christ, with nothing of this world, between our souls and the Saviour!

Until next time – God bless! Please keep the ministry in prayer friends!

With Godly love,



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