About “Happy, Happy Home”:

♫ “With Jesus in the family, happy, happy home!” ♫

This is a song my mom taught me when I was little, and I am now realizing just how true and beautiful it is!  Yet, this is not a reality for the majority of homes throughout the world.  Most marriages end in divorce, and most homes aren’t truly happy places.

Homes — families,  make up our churches and our society.  And therefore Satan is seeking to destroy what God meant to represent the heavenly family and His love to the whole world.  He seeks to destroy what God meant to be little “heavens on earth” in this dark, sinful world.

Whether regarding courtship, marriage, parenting, understanding our roles in our families, home keeping and home schooling tips, or family bonding ideas, join us as we seek to learn and share how our homes can be restored as we seek to make Jesus a welcomed guest there :).

“Home should be made all that the word implies. It should be a little heaven upon earth, a place where the affections are cultivated instead of being studiously repressed. Our happiness depends upon this cultivation of love, sympathy, and true courtesy to one another.” -The Adventist Home, pg. 15