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Drop Biscuits & Country Style Gravy Recipes (GF & Plant Based)

Yay!  I’m finally getting around to posting the recipes for you all that you requested from our first family food journal video!  This is one of my favorite breakfast dishes to make! It’s so warm and comforting, so light and soft, yet so filling! I love combining my biscuits with gravy, honey, jams, prunes and savory lentils (not all necessarily at the same time ;-)). I even use them in savory meals sometimes like with a nice veggie and bean stir fry! They kind of act like my gluten-free bread sometimes :).  The best part? They are healthy, yummy, quite quick and easy to make and the recipe is super versatile!

The biscuits are plant based – no animal flesh or products (dairy) so they are much better for your heart and overall health! No cholesterol, saturated fat, high calorie or clogged arteries worries with dish here! 😉 Praise God for healthier options, that we may glorify Him in our bodies which are His!

Hope you enjoy! ?

Oat Drop Biscuits


   2 1/2 C Oats (Quick)

   1 C Corn FLOUR* (or super finely ground cornmeal — but whatever you do, don’t use the thicker milled/ground cornmeal!  ;-))

   3/4 C Oat Flour*

   1 1/2 t Sea Salt

   2 T Ener-G Baking Powder*

   1 C Water

   1/2 C Almond Milk*

   1/4 – 1/2 C Grapeseed Oil*



*FLOURS: You can literally substitute almost ANY flour for the corn and oat flour!  I personally love the spelt and corn flour combo, but for gluten free didn’t use the spelt this time! In the past I have also used whole wheat flour as well. Even the amounts of flours can be varied as well, as long as the total amount of flour added to the mix is 1 3/4 C! For example you could do 1 C of oat flour and 3/4 C corn flour instead!  OR you could use ALL  1 3/4 C of ONE type of flour – so 1 3/4 all oat flour or all spelt flour! My baby sis Nylah tried it recently with ALL finely ground cornmeal, and it came out GREAT! New favorite combo here :).  I wouldn’t recommend ALL corn flour though – it would be a little too light and grainy/crumbly! Choose a more dense option? .You can experiment and see what combos you like best. Every combo I’ve tried has come out great! Again, just don’t use the regular thicker milled/ground corn meal instead of corn flour – you’ll end up with a super super dense, “not so good” biscuit! Trust me…my family and I know from experience with an unfortunate mistake >_<.

*BAKING POWDER:  The general baking powder that most people use not only may have  harmful aluminum, but “sodium bicarbonate” or “saleratus”.  From my research so far, I’ve found that ingesting baking powder/soda (sodium bicarbonate) isn’t the best for us and can cause some health issues (even though initially it can help to relieve some bad symptoms in many cases).  It’s a super good drain un-clogger and household cleaner though! That’s some tough stuff that I’d be nervous to ingest in my delicate tummy! ? With that said, I like to use Ener-G baking powder as an alternative (though I’m still researching what leavening agent is truly best for these body temples of ours! :-)).  You can buy this at some local health food stores or order online, like here!  If you were to use another baking powder ( I hear featherweight is another more common sodium bi-carb free option!), use half that this recipe requires (1 T)! If you want more info about how sodium bicarbonate baking powder can have a negative effect on our bodies, check out this video!

“Saleratus in any form should not be introduced into the stomach; for the effect is fearful. It eats the coatings of the stomach, causes inflammation, and frequently poisons the entire system.” -Counsels on Diet and Foods, page  343

*MILK: Any unsweetened plant-based milk should work great with this recipe!  I say unsweetened assuming that we don’t want our biscuits necessarily sweet – at least I don’t LOL, but it’s up to you! I personally LOVE almond milk! ?  DON’T HAVE PLANT-BASED MILK? You could actually substitute it with water!  The oats and water mixed together, naturally form their own “milk”…like oat milk ?  Trust me – I’ve had to do this when out of milk, and it worked out just fine! I just love the richer flavor with the milk. You can also change the amounts of milk and water, as long as the total amount of these liquids combined remains the same!

*OIL: You can not only change the amount of oil used in this recipe, but you could eliminate it altogether if you wanted to!  If you use less oil (which I usually do actually!),  you can add a bit more milk and oats to compensate for the amount of missing oil!   Wanting to avoid the oil completely?  Try oil substitutes for baking like unsweetened applesauce and zucchini! I would recommend the zucchini for this dish, unless you’d like a sweeter apple-y taste to your biscuits :-P.. Check out this link for more info about oil substitutes!

Country Style Gravy

I adapted this recipe from the Country Life cookbook and then made changes/additions to my liking! You should check it out! It includes amazing vegetarian recipes from different Country Life vegetarian restaurants around America & even the world!


    1/2 C Warm Water (+ 1 1/2 C more for later)

    1/2 C Raw Cashews*

    1 1/2 T Onion Powder

    1 T Cornstarch (Non GMO preferably ;-))

    1/2+ t Sea Salt* (add a bit more to your liking if needed! I usually add a few more dashes!)

  1/2 t Garlic Powder

    2 or 3 Dashes Coriander/Cardamom (optional extra nice flavor!)


*RAW CASHEWS:  Allergic? Don’t have any on hand? Not a problem!  Substitute the cashews with flour!  If you use flour, it’s recommended to add 2T of oil to this recipe!

*CORN STARCH: This is the thickening agent for the gravy! Don’t have corn starch or are sensitive to corn?  Flour (most kinds), arrowroot, potato starch, or tapioca might work! Google “corn starch” replacements or substitutes! They are also thickening agents, but you would just need to find out the ratio to use compared to corn starch!


So let’s make the biscuits & gravy!

Let me know if you try this and how it comes out!

Hope you enjoy,

Vo ?

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    Thanks. Looks delicious. Question? would you please add more recipes…would really like that…..oh, and your website looks lovely.

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