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Church/Business Modest Outfit Idea #1

Hey Friends!

I’m excited to share more modest outfit ideas with you, as they have been requested! I truly love modesty.  It testifies of so much heavenly beauty – being covered in the righteousness of Jesus because our own would never do (Isaiah 64:6)…God’s mercy, love and grace covering the nakedness of our sin…yes, I just love the gospel that is reveled through biblical modesty!  How it reveals that we are precious and promotes the purity of our God that we too are seeking to have in our own hearts.  How it speaks volumes about value, respect, honor…the list goes on :).

This was the last outfit I wore to church in the last days of winter here, and I’m so excited for lighter materials and colors for this Spring! This outfit “formula” of a patterned skirt paired with a solid top and shoes works all year round for me! What kind of ideas are you looking for? Share in the comments below!

God bless!



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    Nelta Jean
    June 8, 2017 at 8:46 PM

    Hi what website do you go to order the clothes

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